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Watering Schedule

Recommendations and tips for watering the stuff we install.


  • Balled & Burlaped- Water these larger trees once every 7-10 days. Barely turn the hose on to let it “dribble” near the trunk for 10-20 minutes. If watering multiples, it’s a good idea to set a timer.
  • ½” or more of rain during the week would be considered enough to water them fully for that week.
  • It may take one complete season to establish enough roots. It is advised to water during very hot and dry periods the second year.


  • Potted and Balled & Burlaped- Just like the potted trees above, these need to be watered approximately 2 times per week and let the hose dribble for 3-5 minutes.
  • Typically, the smaller the plant the more often it needs to be watered.


  • Most perennials should be watered more often than trees and shrubs.
  •  2-3 times per week is recommended and takes approximately 1-2 minutes with a dribbling hose.


  • Newly planted lawns and lawn patches need to be watered daily unless they receive ¼” or more of rainfall per day.
  • If using a sprinkler water until soil is moist, but do not puddles to form.
  • If using hoses and portable sprinklers, the hose should be moved daily to avoid grassless tracks.
  • It is recommended to fertilize at least once about 2-4 weeks after the seed was planted.
  • A high quality fertilizer is recommended.

Click here for a printable pdf version of our watering recommendations.